Models, holding postures

I love to draw from the model, draped or undraped, but I often notice a self awareness in the model, can make the make the drawing process so tense and stiff. There really is a communication going on at all times between people, I see you, I see you looking at me, here I am, here I am as I want you to see me, here I am as I wish I could be, or here I am-hello. It is not that the sitter has to be relaxed, it is so awkward to sit for so long, it is that they have to trust themselves in a way and us as well.

The perfect example is a girl who sat as a model for our drawing group close to twenty years ago. I never did any good drawings of her and found her postures over poised and unsatisfying. She recently began modeling again, 20 years later, and is an amazing model, interesting poses, animated eyes, hands, and face. She knows who she is and is enjoying as much as she can the experience.

If cats didn't move so much they would be great models, knowing exactly the scheme of things in any situation. They hold the moment so well.

Oh I am really digging deep for some ideas and some commitment to the working process on my part. Definitely have the January chill. Perhaps I should get up early and see the day really beginning, this usually jolts me into  hands over head activity. The raw light of day, the blank page, the sunrise. Besides some model drawing, and cleaning some brushes........... Ah well, I saw a fox today running alongside the road in the evening light as I was driving home. His small black paws would be salty from the roadside, so many truckfulls have been laid on since the freezing rains of this week.