Who wants to know

First blog ever.  Another freezing cold march morning in the winter that never ends.  Got the wood stove going and went through a few drawing portfolios of live figure drawing sessions, looking for some example to put on the website.  The pencil drawings have a lot more resolution than the pastels which I have just started using but I like all the distortions and the stylistic feeling of the pastels.  They also seem more connected to an art history past.  I will pick some of each.  I love going through them and remembering each of the models, usually hard up students looking for a bit of cash.  Each with their own special vibe and presence.  Wish we could get more males, guys to pose.  Love the angles and the attitude.

I will be leaving for the art department soon to set up a still life for my students who have missed classes during the week.  Perhaps a bowl full of green apples to remind us of the green to come.